Future Use of Source Equipment – FUSE


Monday June 11
09.00-09.50 Introduction and Welcome
Anders Larsson (president SLF), Michael Ramsaur
10.10-11.00 Seminar 1,
LED development, status today and complications to expect –
An update on where the LED technology is today, why our current standards can’t be trusted, and what you must consider from a design, light and color perspective when working with LEDs.
Viktor Olsson, Philips AB, Professional Lighting Solutions

11.10-12.00 Seminar 2
The incandescent lamp, is soon forbidden in Europe – is there an alternative?
Christofer Silfvenius, Swedish Energy Agency
12.00 Lunch
(workshop 1,2 and 3 runs parallelly 3 times with 1/3 of group)
Workshop 1 12.50- 14.20
The color spectrum from different types of sources.
Jepser Kongshaug

Workshop 2 14.30-15.50
How do we work with LED
Pontus “Bullen” Lagerbielke
Workshop 3 16.00 -17.20
Color Rendering with LED’s –
– How do colors render in a given projected color by using LED vs Halogen fixtures.
Tim Stokholm ETC
19.00 Dinner with entertainment


Tuesday June 12
09.00-09.50 Seminar 3
Dynamic Projection Mapping,
Infrared tracking and Adaptive Light – seen from a Recoil Performance Group software artist 
Ole Kristensen
10.10-11.00 Seminar 4
I love you, bro” and ”Sirqus Alfons” Two different production with the swedish national touring theater. -Sirqus Alfons; A touring technical madness with LED’s, projections and green screen. -I love you, bro; Simplicity on tour does not have to be a limitation. Mattias Franzon och Maria Wicknerz

11.10-12.00 Seminar 5
Lighting with projectors SUTODA on the vast possibilities and minor traps when using the projector
as a light fixture
Sutoda, www.sutoda.se
12.00 Lunch  ”succeeding in wireless lighting control” Niclas Norlén/Lumen Radio
13.00-14.20 Workshop 4
”Paint the light”
A new creative lighting method with video projectors and PhotoShop connected to the lighting console, directly on stage or in studio.
Örjan Fjällström
14.30-15.50 Workshop 5
Step into the 3D world with Pandoras Box 
P-j Janson and Mike Steinbrecher
16.60-17.20 Workshop 6

Projection mapping  
Axel Jacobson/Ixagon

 18.15 Barbecue party in slottsträdgården!

Wednesday June 13
09.00-11.00 Seminar 6
Michael Ramsaur
11.10-12.00 Seminar 7
What role can projected image have in the performance. 

Kimmo Karjunen/Finland
12.00 Lunch
12.50-13.20 Tagtools,
Presentation of student projects,
13.20-14.10 Seminar 9
Jesper Wachtmeister /Solarisfilm Seminar 10
Mikael Fock/vision4
Round table discussion – Can we foresee the next step in lighting development.
16.00 Closing