Scandlight 2012

Under the name ”Future Use of Source Equipment – FUSE” we look forward to see how the future for lighting designers and equipment will develop.

Scandlight 2012 will try to find the answers on questions like:

– What will the equipment be like in the future?

– What sources of light will we be using?

– Will the LED technology of the future be so good that it will be the base for lighting design?

– What are the strengths and weaknesses within different colourmixing technologies; CMY, RGB and colourfilters?

– Will LED equipment reach the RA-number that we want?

Will there be more opportunities to use images and video in lighting design in the future? What do the designers of the future be like? Is it a lighting designer as we see him today, or is it a designer who works with images and video?

During Scandlight 2012 leading lighting designers from around the world are invited to tell about their work and methods, thoughts and visions in the lighting area.

Leading lighting companies will tell us about their thoughts of the future.

During Scandlight 2012 there will be different workshops and seminars.

Are you working with lighting design? Are you working with lighting equipment in some way or are you doing research in the field?

Book the date June 11-13 2012 in Malmö, Sweden, to participate in Scandlight 2012.

If you do lectures and presentations in the field of lighting design and lightning equipment you could be valuable to us. We would like you to contact us for further discussions.

Scandlight 2012 

Svenska Ljussättareföreningen – SLF – is inviting you to Scandlight 2012 on June 11-13 in Malmö, Sweden.
Don´t miss this unigue opportunity for inspiration and the possibility to meet colleagues and to make new contacts.


Monday June 11
09.00-09.50 Introduction and Welcome
Anders Larsson (president SLF), Michael Ramsaur
10.10-11.00 Seminar 1,
LED development, status today and complications to expect –
An update on where the LED technology is today, why our current standards can’t be trusted, and what you must consider from a design, light and color perspective when working with LEDs.
Viktor Olsson, Philips AB, Professional Lighting Solutions

11.10-12.00 Seminar 2
The incandescent lamp, is soon forbidden in Europe – is there an alternative?
Christofer Silfvenius, Swedish Energy Agency 
12.00 Lunch
(workshop 1,2 and 3 runs parallelly 3 times with 1/3 of group) 
Workshop 1 12.50- 14.20
The color spectrum from different types of sources.
Jepser Kongshaug

Workshop 2 14.30-15.50
How do we work with LED
Pontus “Bullen” Lagerbielke
Workshop 3 16.00 -17.20
Color Rendering with LED’s – 
– How do colors render in a given projected color by using LED vs Halogen fixtures.
Tim Stokholm ETC
19.00 Dinner with entertainment


Tuesday June 12
09.00-09.50 Seminar 3
Dynamic Projection Mapping,
Infrared tracking and Adaptive Light – seen from a Recoil Performance Group software artist 
Ole Kristensen
10.10-11.00 Seminar 4
I love you, bro” and ”Sirqus Alfons” Two different production with the swedish national touring theater. -Sirqus Alfons; A touring technical madness with LED’s, projections and green screen. -I love you, bro; Simplicity on tour does not have to be a limitation. Mattias Franzon och Maria Wicknerz

11.10-12.00 Seminar 5 
Lighting with projectors SUTODA on the vast possibilities and minor traps when using the projector
as a light fixture
12.00 Lunch  ”succeeding in wireless lighting control” Niclas Norlén/Lumen Radio
13.00-14.20 Workshop 4 
”Paint the light”
A new creative lighting method with video projectors and PhotoShop connected to the lighting console, directly on stage or in studio
Örjan Fjällström
14.30-15.50 Workshop 5
Step into the 3D world with Pandoras Box 
P-j Janson and Mike Steinbrecher
16.60-17.20 Workshop 6

Projection mapping  
Axel Jacobson/Ixagon

 18.15 Barbecue party in slottsträdgården!

Wednesday June 13
09.00-11.00 Seminar 6
Michael Ramsaur
11.10-12.00 Seminar 7
What role can projected image have in the performance. 

Kimmo Karjunen/Finland
12.00 Lunch
12.50-13.20 Tagtools, 
Presentation of student projects, 
13.20-14.10 Seminar 9
Jesper Wachtmeister /Solarisfilm Seminar 10
Mikael Fock/vision4
Round table discussion – Can we foresee the next step in lighting development.
16.00 Closing