Agenda Scandlight 2022

The symposium will offer a variation of workshops and seminars with a wide range of speakers, lecturers, Swedish- and international guests.


A unique visit to old Per Simon Edström, theater director with his own old theaters located an hour from Stockholm. He has two old theaters and a wrecked theater boat and very old lighting equipment and theater technology. Can old historical light be replaced by modern equipment that gives the same expression as the candlelight did before?
What type of equipment could be used?


#1 ANSI TM-30 workshop
During the workshop we will take a closer look at ANSI TM-30. A tool to evaluate and communicate a light source’s color rendering properties. Small groups will get to use ANSI TM-30 to propose a couple of different color rendering properties in a white LED. The groups will then get to experiment with a lighting desk and lights to bring forward the color rendering properties they have chosen.  Afterwards we discuss how it went and what we can learn from this. (Presented by EESU, Nina Mylly, Dag Engström, Mattias Fransson Ljusteknik AB)

#2 The Magic of Colour
In this session, we will explore the magic of colour in the world of LED lighting. Technology available today has given us tools that allow us to control light and colour in a way that has not been possible before – powerful tools in the hands of the designer. We will talk about optical illusions and demonstrate how colour can be used to trick the eye. We will venture into the world of science and magic, of light, colour and metamers as we hope to bridge the gap between reality and illusion. (Presented by Declan Randall  ETC)

#4 Rumtiden
Rumtiden is a collective of creators in Stockholm working in the intersections between art, design and engineering, aiming to solve problems with new ideas. 
Recent projects are interactive installations at the Swedish pavilion at World Expo Dubai, transforming empty commercial spaces into light art galleries during the pandemic for Vasakronan, World of Volvo, ABBA Museum, KTH, Tekniska Muséet, Ars Electronica, Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig etc.

At Scandlight 2022, founder Hakan Lidbo with Rumtiden collaborators Per-Olov Jernberg and Jaime Reyes present various projects and discuss how light, data visualisations and kinetic art can be used in new contexts.

#5 Dance Cave
Dance performance lit with video loops and live Photoshop painting.
(Presented by Örjan Fjällström and dancer Viktor Ros Palmklint and Lisa Maurin.)

#6 Metaverse technologies are spreading and is mergeing with live events. What is the metaverse and how can we benefit by adding a new dimension to live performance? 

Is it the next generation of the internet or is it yet another tech hype that won’t lead to anything new.

(Presented by Eric Holmberg)

#7 Exploring different theatrical elements of Lighting and digital media to create a new art form of Traditional Chinese Puppetry

Is it feasible to apply the traditional Chinese Puppetry technique onto the contemporary context? How to arouse the interest of audience towards traditional puppetry?

This workshop aims to promote the art of traditional Chinese puppetry through research, collaborative projects and educational outreach programs that engage local artists from different art genres. We will demonstrate the possibility of use of theatrical elements of lighting and digital media technology in a new art form of Chinese Puppetry (Presented by Ms. Psyche Chui, Master Wong, Mevrick Lee and William Wong)


Tuesday June 7

#T1 Luther Frank Principal Designer / Founding Partner, SCC – ”Virtual Surreality: Echoes in Interactive Programming”
#T2 Nick Moran – Your Light in Their Hands or What happens when the actors get to hold the light source.
#T3 Fereshteh Rostampour Lighting Design at Auburn University – 36Q° Blue Hour project
#T4 Bastiaan Schoof ”Educating students & new and old technologies”.
#T5 Jesper Kongshaug lighting designer – Tivoli en magisk candlelight situation omsat til 2022 to LED.
#T6 Hans Håkansson Kungliga Operan
#T7 Dag Engström and Nina Mylly- ANSI/IES TM-30

Wednesday June 8

#W1 Charlie Åström SKH
#W2 Jon Armstrong Lecturer Lighting Design & Technology Guildhall School of Music & Drama The Magic of Light
#W3 Alvin Lilliestierna – “Managing movements – my experience with the use of projections as scenography”
#W4 Emma Wiel Head of D&R Kungliga Dramten
#W5 Mirko Lempert – The use of realtime 3D technology for fast prototyping.
#W6 Adam Mendelson
#W7 Mikki Kunttu Cirque project that just finished in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “Fuzion”

Thursday June 9

#Th1 Chui Psyche, Master Wong, Maverick Lee and William Wong Traditional Chinese Puppetry
#Th2 Chris van Gothem – “The Canon project, keeping the light of the past for the future” ?
#Th3 JR Norman Luker ”3d Scanning Stagecraft’s Heritage, Creating Open Access Digital Time Capsules.”
#Th4 William C. Kenyon


Tuesday June 7
8.30-9.00  Registration
9.00 Welcome Anders Larsson
9.10     7 seminars
12.00 Lunch
13.00    Workshops #1, #2, #3
18.30 Dinners at SKH

Wednesday June 8    
9.00    7 seminars
12 Lunch
13.00   Workshops #4, #5, #6
20.00 Dinners at Boul & Berså

Thursday  June 9 
9.00   #7 Exploring different theatrical elements of Lighting and digital media to create a new art form of Traditional Chinese Puppetry
11.00 4 seminars
12,00 Lunch
13.00 Round table conversation focused on Realiyt and Illusion
14.20-15.00 Closing