The symposium will offer a variation of workshops and seminars with a wide range of speakers, lecturers, Swedish- and international guests.


* Virtual reality
Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic from Bombina Bombast have been working with virtual reality film combined with theatre since 2013. The workshop will present a practical and theoretical insight into the potential of films that allows the viewer to look around 360° in a headset or on a phone, and discuss working methods for a format that has no backstage.

* Live Chroma Key for the Stage
Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic from Bombina Bombast will show you how to use green screen and live editing to make for example small scenography models into back drops for a stage. During the workshop you will get to see how this works: the screen, how to light it and how to film and composite to get the live image where we can switch the background into whatever we want.

and something about

* highly realistic holographic images

* visualization on stage

* Motion  Capture


A round table conversation focused on
How To Describe Light.

”Lighting Design Education for Directors, Choreographers, and Scenographers. ”
With the modernisation of lighting design practice during the 20th century, and the gradual acknowledgement of lighting as a separate artistic practice within the performance, the creative responsibility for the design has continuously shifted from directors/choreographers and producers, and later stage designers, to professional artists in light – namely the lighting designers (LD’s).

Rapid developments of lighting technology on one hand and (new) tendencies within contemporary theatre on the other, in synergy, have inspired and diversified the functions of lighting design in ways that challenge the familiar conventions of lighting for theatre of realism. In the case of some contemporary visual artists and theatre makers, light is utilised to ’perform itself’ in space, to disorient and destabilise the spatial perception of the spectator. This kind of openness and exploration about the role of light requires a close collaboration between LD’s, and the entire creative team.

How can we familiarise directors, choreographers and scenographers with the creative capacities of the medium of light during their academic education?

How can we enlighten students and young artists with an integrative approach to contemporary lighting design from the pre-production stage and throughout the staging process and technical rehearsals?



Friday June 1 arrival day for international guests (some will probably come also on Saturday)

Saturday June 2
08.30  Departure to Copenhagen
09.30 Visit Ystad’s old theatre (reconstructed with traditional baroque equipment)
12.00 Lunch at Ystad
13.30 travel to the hotel
16-19 meeting with all international guests and the OISTAT lighting group.
19.30 welcome dinner at Hotell

Sunday June 3
7.30  Departure to Copenhagen
8.30 Backstage visit at the Dramatic Theatre
11.00 Theatre Museum in Hofteatret.
12.30 Royal Opera Theatre in Copenhagen backstage tour
13.30 Brunch
15.00 Ballet Swan Lake (I hope that the light/picture designer and the scenographer Mikki Kunttu will come and tell about the work of the performance )
18.00 After the performance, we will do a backstage tour of the stage.
20.00 Travel to the hotel.
21.00 Evening meal at hotel.


Monday June 4
8.30-9.00  Registration
9.00 Welcome Anders Larsson
9.10     8 seminars
12.00 Lunch
13.00    3 Workshops
19.00 Dinners

Tuesday  June 5
9.00    8 seminars
12 Lunch
13.00   3 Workshops
19.00 Dinners

Wednesday June 6
9.00   seminars
12.00 Lunch
13.00 a round table conversation focused on  ”How To Describe Light” and ”Lighting Design Education for Directors, Choreographers, and Scenographers”
16.30 Closing