About Scandlight

Inspired by the European Quadri Channel Showlight, the idea was created to create a Scandinavian meeting place for professionals in the light design area. It was Lars Garpenfeldt and his company Scesam who was the driving force of the first Scandlight conference conducted in Malmö in 2006.

Scandlight is arranged every third year in Malmö. Scandlight 2018, The Art of Light, will be the fifth Scandlight symposium.

The main organizer of Scandlight is The Association of Swedish Lighting designers – SLF, in collaboration with students from the polytechnic education Stage, Event and Theatre technicians training in Gothenburg, the Inter Arts Centre at The University of Lund www.iac.lu.se and also,  with OISTATs lnternational lighting design group.

The theme of Scandlight 2018 is ”The Art of Light” and focuses on the creative and artistic process of lighting design, the lighting as an artform and the new interactive opportunities.  

The lightsummit welcomes lighting designers, lighting artists, engineers, educators, teachers and students, mainly from Scandinavia but also guests from other parts of the world who are interested in light as an artform.

The content will focus on the latest technology and software, as well as on the media servers and various  control systems for image, video, and the development of the LED technology.

In addition, the 2018 program will also take a closer look at the interaction between real and virtual environments.
The program is still under development, but will include a mix of seminars and workshops.
We would like to invite a number of international guests who can share their experiences. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity for inspiration and possibility to meet colleagues around the world and make new contacts.